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Ultherapy in Tampa Bay, FL

Ultherapy in Tampa Bay

Have you ever considered a facelift, but were put off by the extent of surgery involved? Many people are – and that’s why Ultherapy® is such a popular treatment. Eyelid Surgeons of Tampa Bay offers this non-surgical facelift alternative to residents of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, FL and the many others who travel to us for our expert services.

What is Ultherapy®?

Ultherapy® is a non-surgical, non-invasive facelift alternative that is performed entirely with ultrasound technology. With targeted ultrasound energy, we can stimulate the production of collagen in specific tissue beneath the skin.

As the body creates collagen in response to treatment, it will be used to lift and tighten the skin. Plus, ultrasound technology is gentle, meaning the side effects and recovery periods often associated with laser treatments are not found with this treatment. Ultherapy® is great for tightening and lifting the skin to help reduce wrinkles and lines in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Brow
  • Décolletage

Am I A Good Candidate for Ultherapy®?

If you would like to address loose skin or wrinkles in any of the areas listed above, but you’d like to avoid surgery or achieve more subtle results, you may be a good candidate for Ultherapy®. However, the best way to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Ultherapy® is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Mohadjer.

During your consultation, you and Dr. Mohadjer will discuss your cosmetic goals in order to determine if Ultherapy® is a good fit for you. At this point, we will be able to help you schedule your treatment or find a suitable alternative.

What is the Ultherapy® Treatment Like?

To begin treatment, the Ultherapy® device will be placed on the desired treatment area. Then, ultrasound energy will be delivered to the tissue beneath the skin’s surface. You may feel a mild warm sensation during this process, but it is well-tolerated by most patients. Dr. Mohadjer prescribes oral medications to offset any discomfort. We are able to monitor the skin during this process, so we can ensure that we are treating the areas that will produce the best results. The Ultherapy® treatment may take between 30 and 90 minutes depending on your treatment goals.

What is the Ultherapy® Recovery Process Like?

There is no downtime or recovery process after the Ultherapy® treatment. You may experience some minor redness or tingling in the skin, but these are common side effects that typically fades within a few hours. You may have some soreness to touch for 1-2 weeks. You will be able to return to all normal activities immediately following your appointment.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Ultherapy®?

It can take a few months for the results from Ultherapy® to become visible, since it takes time for collagen to be created and implemented into the skin. Most patients notice results in about two to three months, will full results becoming visible by six months after treatment. Many patients achieve their desired results in a single treatment session, but we may recommend a series of treatments for patients looking for significant improvement.

Are you considering Ultherapy® treatments at Eyelid Surgeons of Tampa Bay? Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Mohadjer. We welcome men and women living in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, FL and the world.